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Terry Hoops
Hi, my name is Terry Hoops.  Welcome to my web site.  I'm an assistant professor at Austin College , a small Presbyterian liberal arts college in northern Texas, where I teach anthropology and Latin American Studies .  I grew up and went to school in Northwest Argentina , spent my college years at Wheaton College , and got my Masters and Doctorate at Michigan State University . My family and I moved to Sherman , Texas, in 1997, where we live close to campus with two cats and Adam, our parakeet.
The aim of this web site is not only to tell you a little about myself, but also encourage you to think about what anthropology has to offer.  Anthropology is a fairly new discipline at Austin College.  Its presence in the college’s curriculum reflects the increasing importance the college places on international and cross-cultural experiences in the liberal arts education, the growing diversity of the Austin College community, and the need to understand our identities and place in an increasingly small and interconnected world.  Anthropology’s role, as one anthropologist put it, is to “make the cultural difference intelligible.”  Explore what anthropology has to offer to you.

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