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Forster Art Complex, Ross Gallery: May 2 - 6, 2022
gallery installation
gallery installation, south wall
painted portrait
LCM (In Loving Memory of Luccellus Christian Miller)
sculpted animal skull, painted red
artist statement
vase and guestbook
gallery signage
glass shelf on gold painted basketball hoop
colorful painting of skeletal bust
painting of Big Bird smoking
Big Bird Made Me Do It
painting of two female faces and a green pool
grid of four graffiti-style paintings
Bus Stop
painting of skull and toy soldier
Bus Stop (detail)
painting with eye, dog, and bird
Bus Stop (detail)
painting: cat, 100, truth/lies
Bus Stop (detail)
painting: handgun
Bus Stop (detail)
graffiti-style painting with lots of elements including the pink panther, a cigarette box of crayons, an eyeball, and a monster face
oval painting of person in a black mask hanging by one foot from a person leaning through a giant hand cuff
Jumped Out
painting of person underwater holding a note on lined paper in a plastic sleeve
I'd Die For You
ghostly demon escaping from the head of a man passed out in a chair, holding a bottle
Demon Time
painting: black bird on fence post with cacti and rain cloud
Painting of woman on street flashing wearing mask and mouse ears with floating Bitcoin logos
You Got Coinbase?
painting: person smoking, turning into a skeleton
sculpture of lungs filled with smoking paraphernalia about a painting of cigarette butts
Smoke Break
three ceramic vessels
a second view of the ceramics
shopping cart transformed into chair
second view of shopping cart chair
painting of man either dressing or undressing while talking on the phone

white spray painted knealing figure on black brick textued material
Night Sweats
painting of golden sarcaphagus head
drawing/painting of floating pills, mouths, and eyes around a nose with two hands holding cigarettes
See Sounds Hear Colors
painting: blindfolded woman clutching her bare breasts
Morning Newds
painting on wood: can floating in water
The Water's Cold
painting: cops searching the backpack of suspects standing against a fence
painting: seven rats, each hung by it's neck with a red string
Dead Rats
sculptural installation: a commercial display cooler, painted exterior, with babies on the shelves; a ring of birds sits on the ground in front of the cooler and one bird is perched on top
24-7, 9 to 5
detail of babies of the babies inside the cooler, tic marks on the walls
24-7, 9 to 5 (detail)
detail of the birds
24-7, 9 to 5 (detail)
painting: Nikes hanging from a cable
Under the Fire Reds
painting: two Coke bottles, one inverted
painting: a group of people walking away and a skeleton walking forward
Poverty Perception
painting: grotesque figure holding a goldfish in a bag
Fish Scale
ceramics: paper bag, oversized lollipop (melting), and an oversized pill
Addiction of Prediction
second angle of ceramic pill, bag, and sucker
Addiction of Prediction (view 2)
painting: skeleton and angel
Losing Faith
abstract painting: broad orange-red strokes over yellow with small black splatters
painting with a hooded skull, a skeleton skateboarding, a soccer player, and a masked face
Where Did It Begin
postcard for the show featuring the colorful skeleton bust painting
QR code show poster