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Forster Art Complex, Ross Gallery: April 25 - 29, 2022
installation view
installation view
painting, title, and statement
ceramics and guest book
stylized painting of face
geometric abstract painting
stylized painting of face
close up painting of green face with marks over eyes
floral abstract painting
painting with eye and stick figures
colorful abstract mixed media painting/collage covered in hosiery
painting of screaming mouth surrounded by "HELL" lettering
painting of three faces, two with horns
abstract painting
colorful painting with collaged figural drawings
colorful paiting/collage with hosiery and sequins
colorful abstract painting with golden splatters
colorful collage
painting of two faces with antler-like heads
skeleton painting with stitched eye shapes and golden splatters
painting resembling a spinal column on a wavy background
painting/collage of an obscured face
face paintied in black outlines over a colorful ground
print of digital drawing of stylized faces on warm ground
print of digital drawing of two people with lots of orange and pink
ceramic dinner set with cook books
pedestal topped with a grid of drawings
drawing of person with short curly hair, long neck, and necklace
drawing of a surreal mixture of facial features
painting of blue-green face with large nose
grotesque face drawing, smoke-like shapes exiting open head
drawing of surreal objects
drawing of a large mouth next to a woman in a waterfall
surreal face drawing
drawing of warped face on blue-green ground
drawing of woman with earing
drawing of woman's face, text below reads "reality"
drawing of woman with long dark hair wearing turtleneck
drawing of two melting faces
grotesque drawing of melting face in color
Drawing of face on head that becomes coral shaped
drawing: lower half of bearded face on blue-green ground
installation of unupholstered sofa and coffee table with books, ceramic bowl, and candles
small bookshelf suspended from black chords attached to a ring on the wall
artist statement
invitation card