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Craig Hall Gallery: April 17 - 21, 2023

installation shot

installation shot

title sign and pictures in small frames


small framed drawing/painting

small painting

small drawing/painting

small drawing/painting

painted self-portrait

painted self-portrait with glass tubes


abstract painting

framed painting

shadow box containing framed QR code

abstract painting


double exposure b&w photo

one page comic "Caustic Anger"


Written and illustrated By Becca Tobias 01.08.2023


Historically, I've been a very angry person.


My anger pushes people away. Sometimes on purpose, other times on accident. Most of the time, it’s a mixture of both. I think about it a lot in Lab.

Especially when loading the base bath...


...It sits under the sink, motionless, covered...

But when it's opened, the rage of caustic fumes burn my nostrils.



Caution Caustic!


THE BASE BATH is Quietly Angry. Place difficult greasy glass inside. 48 Hours Later, the glass comes out pristine.


The Isopropanol and KOH mixture removes all the rough edges. Buffs out the Scratches. Dissolves the sticky organic residues. I wish I could wash myself in the base bath.


48 HRS


It cleans quietly, and easily. Almost Perfectly.


But people aren't glass, and the base bath isn't perfect



Ultimately, my anger is a reflection of my own shortcomings: appearance, grades, strength. It takes understanding of my anger to move Past it.

I'll have to buff out the scratches myself.

And even still, the glass removed From the base bath isn't the same as it was when it was placed.


B&W photographic emulsion transfer

digital image

digital image

mixed media

B&W photo emulsion

digital image

B&W photogram/emulsion

B&W double exposure




painted glass plate


video still
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postcard image