Craig Hall Gallery


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Student Show

             Ariel Ashford             Inspired by Get up kids "Valentine"

       Dhaval Parikh       Inspired by INOJ "Time after time(remix)"

        James Blake         Mushrooms in the desert, all dead indians

         Sarah Neighbors          "Moon dance"

Kimberly Bean Cassady Inspired by Tori Amos "Scarlet walk"

Ryan Cameron Miller  Inspired by Phish "The rising sun"       Blake Garmon      Inspired by Techno        Lyndon Hughes         Heart of glass

          Kenna Williams            "After the flood"         Inspired by Acapella version of "Beautiful day"

         Kayla Smiley              Inspired by "Hell yeah"          Kelli Marshall                Inspired by CCR "Carney Man"           Brandon Gazer           Inspired by Tall song "Sittin on top of the world"
       Jennifer Whitsel   Inspired by JOC "Flood"         Anya Kopaz        Inspired by Vivaldi's four seasons Autumn            Andy Helton                (bang)  Inspired by Notorious BIG "Suicidal thought"            Mary Carrier      Uncle Wayne Inspired by Greenday "Good riddance"

      Brook Fowler        Inspired by G-Love  "Weeping willow tree" Natalie Stotts  "Don't make me say it" Then there was peace...  Jeremiah Campbell Inspired by Beethovens 5th