Kathryn Cantrell: , of silence


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10 11-Void_Slips_Through_Royal_Street 12-Left_are_remnants,blank,story-less
Void Slips Through Royal Street Left are remnants, blank, story-less
13-Guided_by_nostalgia_through 14-Falling_Water,Clear_Sheets_Of 15-Dripping_Down_in_Sloppy_Paint
Guided by nostalgia through falling water, clear sheets of.jpg Dripping down in sloppy paint.jpg
16-Absent_of_Meaning,At_Least_My_Own 17-the_oil_to_speak_your_words 18-And_now_the_white_canvas_sits,vulnerable
Absent of meaning, at least my own the oil to speak your words And now the white canvas sits, vulnerable