Ida Green Gallery

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Alyssa Banta

Photographs from the Periphery of War

A School Afghan Women's Hospital Ashatong
Bagh Zanana Belongings Boxing Ring
Boy at Cemetery Boy in Turban Boys in doorway
Brick Factory Brother and Sister Buddhist Marks in their Horses
Crowned King Election Day Firefight

Food Rations

Friday Prayers

Funeral Pyre

Girl in Doorway

Girl in Refugee Camp

Gun Maker

Gun Merchant

Homage to the Royal Family

Jalalabad-Kabul Road

Kabul City

Land Mine

Maoist Rebel holding Grenade

master Bee Keeper

Master Sergeant

Mental Hospital 1

Mental Hospital II

Mui Thai 1

Multiple Fractures


Nepali Nation Army Guards Royal Palace

Orphaned Child

Police Outpost

Post Mortem

Police Search City Bus


Refugees Hospital

Refugees Waiting for Food Vouchers

School Teacher

Shaving Head

Tajik Carpet Weavers

Toy Guns


Woman with Veil

Women Returning Home after Visit

Child Soldier



Destroyed House

Hammer and Sickle