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The Illustrated Flora of East Texas, the second publication of the Illustrated Texas Floras Project, is currently in progress and will be a three volume. The first volume (introduction, ferns, gymnosperms, & monocots) is now available and the second and third volumes (dicots) will be available in 2010/2011. These volumes will comprise a completely illustrated taxonomic treatment of the nearly 3,402 species of vascular plants occuring in the East Texas region.

The same team that produced the Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas is involved, with the addition of Monique D. Reed, of College Station. In addition, colleagues from a variety of Texas institutions (e.g., Stephen F. Austin State University, UT-Austin) are contributing to the project. For the purpose of this study, East Texas is a region of 87 counties and ca. 54,000 square miles (roughly the size of North Carolina). It includes the Pineywoods (Vegetational area 1), the Post Oak Savannah (Vegetational area 3), the Red River Zone, and the Blackland Prairie (Vegetational area 4). The Blackland Prairie was also included in the Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas. However, because of the intermingling of vegetational areas, it is felt that including the Blackland Prairie in the flora of East Texas will make that work much more useable. The flora is dedicated to Dr. Elray Nixon (previously of Stephen F. Austin State University), widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the plants of East Texas.

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~ Update on the Flora ~~~

Volume 1 now available. It is 1,616 pages long.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and is helping with the project.

UPDATED: 27 June 2006

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