Biology 59 -- Plant Biology

I. Plant Label Information -- How to make a label for plant specimens

for more detailed information see:

Austin College Herbarium, Sherman, Texas
Plants of TEXAS

Arctostaphylos pungens Bush Ericaceae

GRAYSON County: Near entrance of Shawnee Creek into the Red
River, approx. 3/4 mile east of Denison Dam (Lake Texoma), just
S of the Texas-Oklahoma state line.

Put your specific locality (ex. rocky ledges along creek, etc.) data and
associates here. Also don't forget to put flower color, etc.!

Elev.: ca. 530 ft. 33 49' 02" N 96 33' 27" 14 Sept. 1994

Coll.: Mike Nee with George Diggs No.: 334

The label above was produced using times font (12) on Microsoft Word on a Macintosh and printed on a laser printer. Left margin was 0.5 inches, top margin was 0.5 inches and the bottom margin was 0.2 inches (the right margin isn't important). By having the margins similar to these you can get three labels on the same sheet.

II. Research Assignment


Assignment: Each student will be required to do a short summary of the most recent botanical research on a topic of their own choosing. The final product will be a three-four page (typed, double-spaced) summary paper and an associated bibliography. The grade will be determined by the depth of research, the recentness of the references, and the integration and understanding shown in the summary. The purpose of this paper is not for you to produce a lengthy tome; rather it is for you to learn about doing up-to-date research on a specific scientific topic. You are required to use both ALICE (General Science Index) and the FirstSeach (Lifesciences/BIOSIS) on-line computer search capability available at the Abell Library. Indicate in your bibliography which references were found using ALICE and FirstSearch. You should also make use of the interlibrary loan option if needed. The citation of references and the format of your bibliography/literature cited must follow the examples on the attached papers. I suggest you discuss your choice of topic with me before investing substantial time. Staple this sheet to the front of your paper prior to handing it in. This assignment is due Tuesday, 12 November.

STUDENT ______________________________

GRADE ________________________________

1. Depth of research (topic covered adequately?) ______________________

2. Recentness of references ______________________________________

3. Computer searches indicated ___________________________________

4. Integration and understanding shown ____________________________

5. Correct format (references, length, typed, etc.) ____________________