To purchase a copy of

Shinners & Mahler's

Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas

1,640 pages, 2,300 illustrations, 174 color photos

Call: Yonie Hudson at (817) 332-4441 (Botanical Research Institute of Texas) or write

Ms. Yonie Hudson, Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 509 Pecan St., Ft. Worth, TX 76102-4060

Price: $89.95 each, (Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax--$7.42)

$7.50 postage and handling domestic (add $2.50 for each additional copy) [weight 8.5 pounds]

$12.50 postage and handling outside the U.S.

Dust Jacket Art by Linny Heagy/Deisner, Illustrator @1999