Rome: The Eternal City

January 1999

Austin College

Robert W. Cape, Jr.

This page has information for students who are going to Rome in January 1999. It is still under construction, but take a look to see what information is here.



Brief Course Description from the 1999 Austin College January Term Bulletin


Schedule and Syllabus (coming soon)



Information from the Italian Consulate
This is the official....with information about medical facilities, crime information, terrorist activities, customs information, etc. All students should read this page.
CNN four-day weather forecast for Rome

Many of the sites are commercial and would like to sell you their book, guide, or whatever. Also, some sites are "fun trips I've taken" and may not have fully accurate information. As always, consider your sources. Also, be sure to cite them if you quote something.

Italy on the Web
A server with lots of information about Italy in general. Some is about the Etruscans and Romans, but much more is about modern Italy. Also a good place to begin looking around. There are pointers to information about Rome and other Italian cities. Many of the links are to information in Italian.
Frommers Guide: Rome
A good, tourist-oriented site with a brief, practical introduction to the city.
Travelocity Destination Guide: Rome
Good general tourist information
CNN Travel Guide: Rome
Lots of good information about Rome, including some maps: a simple Magellan map, and a vector map of Rome (requires a plug-in). There are also links to news stories from Europe and the four-day weather forecast for Rome.
Guides to Rome from some of the major Internet search engines:
  • EXCITE Travel: Italy (with maps, weather conditions, etc.)
  • YAHOO! Guide to Rome
  • LOOKSMART Guide to Rome sites (used by ALTAVISTA and HOTBOT)
  • INFOSEEK Travel: Italy (very general information)
    In Italy Online
    A Web journal devoted for people travelling to or living in Italy. (In English)
  • If you want to do conversions from US $ to Lira (or vice versa), try the OANA Currency Converter.

    Study Italian on the Web! From Foreign Languages for Travelers

    S.P.Q.R. A cool game on the Internet where you walk around in ancient Rome.