This is a tentative schedule of class presentations and reading/preparation assignments. There may be some adjustment during the course of the semester if we need more or less time to discuss certain topics, or if we desire to investigate a subject not currently on the list. All adjustments will be announced in advance in class.

Atlas = Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome, by Chris Scarre
ARD = As the Romans Did, by Jo-Ann Shelton
RS = Roman Society, by Henry C. Boren


Sept 3 
Class to be rescheduled
Sept 5 
Introduction. Early Italy & Its Inhabitants. Early Rome: Myth & Legend
READINGS: Atlas pp. 12-19, 20-21. Livy, pp. 33-72. RS pp. 1-10.


Sept 9
The Monarchy. The Etruscans and the Growth of Rome
READINGS: Livy, pp. 72-101; 129-142. RS pp. 10-13.
Sept 12
End of the Monarchy & Beginning of the Republic
READINGS: Livy, pp. 218-250; 269-276. ARD pp. 210-218, 224-231. RS pp. 13-18.


Sept 16
Early Roman Society. Roman History on the Web. Web #1
READINGS: ARD pp. 3-15; #14, #17, #48-49, #52, pp. 360-368. RS pp. 18-21.
Sept 19
Rome Meets Greece. Early Roman Literature: Roman Comedy
READINGS: Atlas pp. 22-27. Plautus, Miles Gloriosus. CLAS 54 students: Plautus, Curculio (hypercard program to be distributed). RS pp. 49-64.


Sept 23
Roman Comedy and Society. Planning a virtual trip to Rome. Web #2
READING: Plautus, Pseudolus. RS pp. 85-90.
Sept 26
The Second Century. Reforms in Politics and Military Affairs
READINGS: Atlas pp. 28-29. ARD pp. 249-259, 396-403, #406. RS pp. 65-85, 90-92.
FILM (time to be arranged): A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.


Sept 30
Rome as an Empire. Politics in the First Century
READINGS: Cicero, "On the Command of Cnaeus Pompeius" pp. 33-70. Caesar, The Gallic War, book 1. RS pp. 93-116.
Oct 3
The Rise & Fall of Julius Caesar. Caesar's Gallic War
READINGS: Caesar, The Gallic War, books 2-7. RS pp. 117-131.


Oct 7
A Different View of Politics: The Career of Cicero
READINGS: Cicero, "Against Lucius Sergius Catilina," (four speeches) pp. 71-145. Plutarch, Life of Cicero, Web #3. RS pp. 139-155.
Oct 10 
Cicero and Roman Intellectual Life.
First Paper ("Characterization") due.
READING: Cicero, "In Defence of the Poet Archias," pp. 146-164. RS pp. 155-162.


Oct 14 
Latin Literature at the End of the Republic. The Fall of the Republic
READINGS: Catullus, Selected Poems (handout). Lucretius, On the Nature of Things (handout). Cicero, Selected Writings (handout).
Oct 17 


Oct 21
The Augustan Age. Politics, Art, Architecture
READINGS: RS pp. 163-184.
Oct 24 
Literature. Vergil's Aeneid & the Traditions of Epic
READINGS: Vergil, Aeneid, books 1-5.


Oct 28 
Vergil's Aeneid & Augustan Rome
READINGS: Vergil, Aeneid, books 6-8.
Oct 31 
The Meaning of Empire
READINGS: Vergil, Aeneid, books 9-12. RS pp. 184-189.


Nov 4  
Education. Roman Women
READINGS: ARD pp. 24-55, 104-126.RS pp. 153-155, 166-167.
Nov 7 
The Julio-Claudian Dynasty: Tiberius, Gaius, Claudius, Nero
READINGS: ARD pp. 389-395. RS pp. 190-201.


Nov 11 
Literary and Intellectual Life in the Empire.
READINGS: to be assigned, and RS pp. 184-189.
Nov 14 
Daily Life in the Early Empire
READINGS: ARD pp. 168-189, 190-205, 290-307, 308-359.


Nov 18 
Petronius' Satyricon: Living on the Edge
READINGS: Petronius, Satyricon, pp. 21-105. ARD pp. 331-335
Nov 21 
Petronius' Satyricon & Roman Life in the Empire
READINGS: Petronius, Satyricon, pp. 105-165. ARD pp. 325-331.


Nov 25 
The Flavian Dynasty. Rome & The Provinces. The Good Emperors. The Roman Empire on the Web. Web #4 presentations.
READINGS: ARD pp. 231-248, 259-269, 270-289. RS pp. 201-231, 233-252.
Nov 28 
---Thanksgiving Break---


Dec 2  
Religion & Philosophy. The Coming of Christianity
READINGS: ARD pp. 403-437. RS pp. 290-294.
Dec 5  
Christians and Pagans. The Latter Empire to Constantine the Great.
CLAS 54 student debate
READINGS: Finley, Aspects, chp. 14, "Christian Beginnings," pp. 167-184. RS pp. 252-267, 304-317.
Dec 9  
Heritage and Wrap up
Dec 10 
Final Exam 12:00-2:00
Second Paper ("Fragment") due

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