Mystery Coins

Use the clues to help you find the coins in the Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins.

Coin 1:This emperor killed his brother, Geta.

1. Who is he?

2. Which god is on the reverse?



Coin 2: She is the wife of Marcus Aurelius.

1. Who is she?

2. Which goddess is on the reverse?



Coin 3: This man never was an emperor.

1. Who is he?

2. What position did he reach?



Coin 4: He was the emperor when Mt. Vesuvius errupted.

1. Who is he?

2. When did Mt. Vesuvius errupt?

3. Which god is on the reverse?


Goals: In this project students identify Roman coins by emperor and answer questions based on the coin and/or relevant historical information. All questions can be answered by using the materials at this site. The project encourages students to gain background knowledge about important Roman men and women, historical events, and aspects of Roman religion. It encourages them to use problem solving skills to discover relevant information, identify the coins, and answer the specific questions. This project can be modified in a variety of ways to create other exercises focusing on different aspects of Roman coins and history.