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Contributor: Christian Ziehe.
Issuer: GERMANICUS, adopted son of Tiberius, husband of Agrippina senior, father of Caligula. AE As, 29 mm diameter, struck by Claudius.
Obverse: Bust to right, GERMANICVS CAESAR TI. AVG. F. DIVI AVG. N.
Reverse: Large S. C., TI. CLADIVS CAESAR AVG. GERM. P. M. TR. P. IMP. P. P.
Reference: RIC 106 (Claudius). Grade: aVF.
Comments: For more information, read the "Claudius" entry from De Imperatoribus Romanis.
For recent scholarship on Germanicus see TOCS-IN; for book reviews, see Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews.