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Contributor: Clay Dorminey.
Issuer: GALLIENUS, AD 253-268. AU Aureus (2.69g).
Obverse: GALLIENVS AVG, his laureate bust right.
Reverse: FIDES EXERC VIII; Fides facing, looking right, holding legionary eagle and standard.
Reference: Unique coin. Similar design on Antoninianus RIC 478 from joint reign. Grade: FDC.
Comments: Note: A cast of this coin is in the British Museum. Planned as a plate coin for Catharine King's revised version of RIC V when issued.
For more information, read the "Gallienus" entry from De Imperatoribus Romanis.
For recent scholarship on Gallienus see TOCS-IN; for book reviews, see Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews.