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Contributor: Teresa Darling.
Issuer: MAXENTIUS, AD 306-312. Follis.
Obverse: IMP. C. MAXENTIVS P. F. AVG. His laureated head right.
Reverse: AETERNITAS AVG. N. The Dioscuri standing facing each other, holding sceptre and horse by the bridle. Between them in lower field: she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus. In exergue: (M)OST A.
Reference: RIC VI 16 Ostia mint; Sear 3777 var.
Comments: For more information, read the "Maxentius" entry from De Imperatoribus Romanis.
For recent scholarship on Maxentius see TOCS-IN; for book reviews, see Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews.