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  2. what to expect

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Located near downtown Sherman, TX, Kidd-Key Auditorium is the home of the Sherman Symphony Orchestra.  Extensive restoration and renovation of this beautiful concert hall was undertaken by the City of Sherman with generous support from Austin College, and has returned the historical significance of the building and remade it into an exceptional venue for major performances.  Constructed in 1938 and seating more than 1200, the Art Deco hall has proven to possess amazing acoustics for orchestral performances.  Every seat affords the concertgoer excellent sound and a great view. 

We can’t confirm that Elvis’ ghost attends concerts, but he did play here in the 1960s.  So we’ve heard.

getting there

Parking at Kidd-Key (400 N. Elm St.) is street level on Mulberry and Elm streets, with city parking lots at City Hall just to the east of the auditorium on Mulberry.  Handicap parking is available on the south side of the auditorium on the lower level; elevators are just inside the doors.  The lower level of parking on the north side of the building is available to those able to walk up a flight of outside stairs to the entrance on Elm.  Parking is also available at First United Methodist Church just north of the hall across Elm street.

October, November, February, and April Concerts

Christmas Pops December Concert

The SSO Christmas Pops concert is located on the Austin College campus in the Sid Richardson Center (1150 E. Brockett St.), a part of the Mason Complex.  Parking is in the lot located to the south of the building and in several other campus lots along Brockett St.


What happens  at a symphony orchestra concert?

What is appropriate  attire?

Of course, the orchestra plays several pieces--usually totaling about 60 minutes of music.  Some pieces are made of many parts (“movements”); the piece is not finished until all of the movements have been played.  There will be an intermission about halfway through the program: feel free to get up and move around and get to know other music lovers!  Also, don’t forget to turn off or silence your cell phone.

Some men will wear suit and tie, some women will wear fancy dresses.  Others feel comfortable in more casual clothes; what is important is to come expecting a great experience. 

Kidd-Key Auditorium