Environmental & Evolutionary Health

Spring 2018

George M. Diggs, Jr.
Department of Biology and Center for Environmental Studies
Austin College, Sherman, Texas
& Research Associate, Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT)

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Environmental and Evolutionary Health -- Course Synopsis

The course is an introduction to major concepts in environmental and evolutionary health. It will examine ways of preventing human illness and injury and promoting well-being by examining hazardous and otherwise problematic agents in the modern environment and by exploring the mismatch of many aspects of the modern environment with the evolutionary heritage of our species. Humans evolved under very different conditions than those faced by people living today. The modern environment includes unlimited quantities of industrially prepared foods, exposure to toxins and pollution, radically different lifestyles, and high levels of chronic stress. As a result of these and a variety of other changes, many diseases and health problems are dramatically more common now than in our hunter-gatherer ancestors.  Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, near-sightedness, asthma, and allergies are just a few examples of these “Diseases of Civilization.”  We will focus on how the modern environment is affecting us and and consider how we can match our modern lifestyle more closely with our “hunter-gatherer genes.”


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