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Biology 115: Evolution, Behavior, and Ecology

George M. Diggs, Jr.
Department of Biology and Center for Environmental Studies
Austin College, Sherman, Texas
& Research Associate, Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT), Fort Worth


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Biology 115: Evolution, Behavior, and Ecology-- Course Synopsis

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts of organic evolution, ecology, and animal behavior. Evolution is the central organizing principle of biology, and because of the important interconnections between evolution, ecology, and animal behavior, these three topics are covered in our first semester course. All upper level biology courses at Austin College are built upon this course and Cell Biology (Biology 116, which is taught in the spring). In other words, these two courses provide a conceptual framework for all further study in biology. Specific topics in Biol. 115 include the mechanisms and results of evolution; speciation processes; ecosystem, community, and population ecology; principles of behavior; and behavioral ecology.

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Dr. George Diggs, Professor
Department of Biology
Austin College
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Sherman, TX 75090
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