Austin College and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) are pleased to announce an online flora. This online presentation of Shinners & Mahlerís Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas represents the first major portion of the Texas flora to be available digitally.  Keys, descriptions, and illustrations for more than 2,200 species (nearly 46% of Texas plants) are available in Adobe pdf format.  Extensive introductory materials, color photographs, appendices, glossary, literature cited, and an index are also available onlineóa total of over 1,600 pages.

Information about obtaining a hard copy of the book is available at:

Initial online materials are also available for the Illustrated Flora of East Texas project (another Austin College-BRIT collaboration) at:

This site contains documents in portable document format (pdf).  They should be viewed using the most current version of Adobe Acrobat or Reader.  To get it click here or on the icon to the left.  This page best viewed using at least IE 6, or Netscape 6.2 or later.  If you use the full version of Acrobat, you may need to launch that program before clicking on the appropriate link.  If you should encounter any problems viewing the pages, please contact the webmaster (click for email).


Introductory Material & Color Photographs (pgs.1-108)         
Keys to Vascular Plants, Ferns & Similar Plants, Gymnosperms (pgs. 109-209)
Class Dicotyledonae:

Acanthaceae-Fabaceae (pgs. 210-617)

Fabaceae-Zygophyllaceae (pgs. 618-1076)

Class Monocotyledonae (pgs. 1077-1352)
Appendices & Glossary (pgs. 1353-1546)
Literature Cited (pgs. 1457-1524)
Index, List of Families, Iconography, etc. (pgs. 1525-1626)


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