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Mass Violence in the Twentieth Century                                       A Project by Hunt Tooley

The Mobley Project that I have designed is, like the previous iteration of the project under the direction of Light Cummins, a multi-layered array of events and intitiatives designed to explore a specific theme.  For the two-year version of the project now underway,  the Mobley Project will aim at an exploration of "Mass Violence in the Twentieth Century World."  In the process, we will be combining my own historical research with public presentations on campus by both students and faculty, speakers from off-campus, student participation in History conferences, and other avenues to create a kind of intellectual awareness of the scope and nature of the historical and human dimensions of mass violence.  Hence, the Mobley Project for this two years will in effect give impetus to me and to our students to do what we do already, but to carry out a part of our work in a more focused way. 
For the Curious, please see A Bit More Explanation here. 


Mobley Events (a flexible calendar!)

Mar. 30-31, 2009--(Lecture)Vanessa Noël Brown (Freedom House):  In The Aftermath of Mass Violence--Conflict Transition in Bosnia-Herzegovina
                    Mon., March 30, 2009, 4:30-5:30pm, Ida Green 112

Oct. 27, 2008--Afternoon Roundtable discussion on the topic "Mass Violence in the Twentieth Century," based on the sessions attended by the students.  Discussants:  Elizabeth Elliott, James Hannon, Victoria Sheppard, Austin Tooley.
Oct. 9-12, 2008--Trip to the Southern Historical Association Annual Meeting in New Orleans with four Austin College History students.


Design of a Violent Century:  Blogging the Paris Peace Conference Ninety Years Later

As a part of the Mobley Project momentum, I am engaging in a new project on the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of the Paris Peace Conference (the Versailles Treaty plus others, the end of  World War I, etc.).  I have spent much of my scholarly life investigating the Paris Peace, its background, and its consequences.  I hope to deploy some of this background to make sense of the conference on "journal" basis, using the new media of blogging,  linked documentation, and networked connections to understand some dimensions of the peace which I think have been little studied or neglected.  We shall see.  Please feel free to check this out yourself. 


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