Plautus’ Curculio
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PALINURUS: a slave of Phaedromus.

PHAEDROMUS: a young gentleman of Epidaurus.

LEAENA: an old woman, slave of Cappadox.

PLAENESIUM: a girl belonging to Cappadox.

CAPPADOX: a pimp.

CURCULIO: a parasite.

LYCO: a banker.


A Cook.


SCENE: Epidaurus. A street in which are the houses of Cappadox and Phaedromus, and a temple of Aesculapius, god of healing. In front of the house of Cappadox is an altar.

ARGUMENT: Curculio, at the behest of Phaedromus, goes to Caria to secure some money. There he steals away a ring from Phaedromus’s rival. He writes a letter and seals it. Lyco, on seeing the seal, recognizes it as the Captain’s; he pays the pimp to let Phaedromus’s sweetheart go. The Captain is for haling Lyco and the pimp off to court. The girl this Captain has been doting on proves to be his sister, and at her urgent request he bestows her in marriage upon Phaedromus.

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