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Numismatists have taken to the World Wide Web with a vengeance. The marketing potential of the Web is an obvious attraction, but ancient numismatists have also gone to great lengths to offer a wealth of useful and educational information about Roman coins. With lists of goddesses and gods, dictionaries of coin inscriptions, and practical advice about how to identify ancient coins, they provide valuable resources to those who are just learning about ancient numismatics.

The following links offer useful information about identifying Roman coins. NOTE: Much of the information on this page is provided by ancient coin dealers. The links here are meant to provide convenient access to materials useful to students and teachers using Roman coins; they should not be interpreted as recommendations of the particular dealers involved.



Bearers of Meaning - The Ottilia Buerger Collection of Ancient and Byzantine Coins at Lawrence University. Carol L. Lawton, Curator and Editor.
An excellent site with good images and full information about coins and their historical context. Greek, Roman, and Byzantine coins are included. The following essays may be especially helpful to users of this site:
  • The Production of Ancient Coins, by Jere M. Wickens
  • Roman Coins and Roman History, by Daniel J. Taylor
    Eight Hundred Years of Roman Coinage, by David R. Sear.
    Most articles are listed on the Articles page, but this essay needs to be known to all.
    American Numismatic Society and Harry Bass Research Foundation Searchable Resources
    A searchable index of Roman coins. Extensive. Extremely useful!
    Roman Coins of the Early Empire, by Tim Ryan.
    This is a "must see" page from his well-known Dead Romans site.
    Doug Smith's Ancient Greek & Roman Coins Numismatic Topics from One Collector's Point of View
    Perhaps the most informative site dedicated to Roman and Greek coins, constructed by a dedicated collector. There are too many useful links to connect all of them here. You'll have to visit the site and see them for yourself. Two important pages for students working with coins from the empire and especially the time of Constantine are:
    Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.
    A very fine dealer site with extensive archives of high quality, informative articles. Highly recommended for those who wish to learn more about ancient coins. May need a free membership to access some features; archive searching is free.
    Barry and Darling Ancient Coins. Kevin Barry and John Darling.
    This is a dealer site with several pages of useful information about ancient coins:
  • Title, Title, Who's Got The Title? Roman Titles As They Appear On Coins - useful discussion of titles on Roman coins and list of titles and their abbreviations
  • Tongue Twisters: Roman and Greek Pronunciation Guide - for words associated with ancient coins
  • Great Caesars Ghost Mythology and Personifications of Rome and Greece - identify goddesses and gods
  • By Their Names, You Shall Know Them. Roman Names As They Appear On Coins
  • I Know Its Trying To Tell Me Something.... Common Inscriptions With Translations - helpful when trying to identify inscriptions
  • Mints and Their Marks: Common Mint Marks - for Roman coins of the third and fourth centuries A.D.
    Quadriga Coins
    This is dealer site by educator Kevin Colosa. The following links provide good information for students and teachers:
  • Ancient Coins - Glossary of Terms - useful guide to the terms used with coins (AE, AR, follis, etc.)
  • Roman Coin Denominations - Relative Sizes - visual comparison of coins with modern United States coinage
    Joseph Sermarini is the proprietor of FORVM and is developing a very useful tool, called,
  • FORVM's Roman Coin Attribution Assist System which will help you attribute coins by typing in a few letters of the legend.
    Ancient Roman and Greek Coins, FAQ.
    A useful question and answer site with some wide-ranging questions, by Warren Esty.
  • Legends on Roman Coins
    Medieval Coins: Jim's Medieval Coins - Virtual Tour
    An instructive site and tour of Jim's medieval coin collection.
    The foremost numismatic research institution in the United States. The ANS maintains one of the largest coin cabinets in the world with nearly one million objects.
  • The Roman Coin Cabinet - Curated by William E. Metcalf
  • Roman Numismatic Bibliography, by William E. Metcalf
    American Numismatic Association
    The largest professional association for coin dealers, " a nonprofit, educational organization chartered by Congress -- ...dedicated to the collection and study of coins, paper money, tokens and medals, and ... created for the benefit of its members and the numismatic community."
  • ANA Education Department - good programs to promote numismatic study
  • Numismatics and the Olympic Games
  • Gods, Games, Kings and Coins: Money of the Ancient Olympiads
    The Celator
    A monthly journal devoted to ancient numismatics (Greece, Near East, Rome). A useful source of information for teachers, students, and collectors. Edited and produced by Wayne G. Sayles.
    ANCIENT COINS & MODERN FAKES: How To Tell The Difference. An Authentication Primer
    Useful information for those considering purchasing coins. By Dennis J. Kroh.
    Impero on the Web
    Italian and English web site "for numismatic amateurs who are interested in the roman empire and republic period!" By Carlo Paolantoni. Still being constructed.
    History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day
    Online version of a book by Glyn Davies.
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