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Who may contribute coin images to the VCRC?

CooperationThe Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins in an innovative experiment in collaboration. It depends on the cooperation and participation of personal coin collectors, professional coin dealers, and educators. The primary purpose of VCRC is educational in a broad sense: to educate the wider Web community about ancient Roman coinage and history. In order to offer high quality information and images of coins VCRC depends on materials digitized and described by collectors and dealers. If you have images and descriptions of coins that would be of use to VCRC we invite you to share your materials and participate in our project.

What kind of images can we use?

We are looking for high quality GIF or JPG images that include both obverse and reverse in the same file (and we prefer obverse on the left, reverse on the right). We have seen some excellent images of obverses and reverses scanned separately, but we cannot use them because of the time involved in keeping track of two images per coin and/or creating a new, single image. We have also seen Web pages with nice images and little or no text describing the coins. Due to our own limited reference resources (one of the reasons for creating the VCRC in the first place!) we cannot look up legends, coin types, and devices.

How much description do we need?

The most important part of the desciption we need is an accurate transciption of the legends/inscriptions. We cannot check these well on our own (although we do correct obvious errors). We would also appreciate having a general description of the obverse and reverse, especially for rare coin types. A reference number (Crawford for Republican coins, RIC for Imperial) will enable us to enter the images into the database more quickly, but is not absolutely required. Likewise, grade is not necessary. We may not include grades in future versions of VCRC because they are quite subjective. But for now we will use them, when available. The following is a good example of a good image and description:

Gordian III Antoninianus

GORDIAN III. Antoninianus.
Obverse: IMP. CAES. M. ANT. GORDIANVS AVG. His radiated and draped bust right.
Reverse: VIRTUS AVG. Mars standing facing left holding spear and olive branch. Shield at his feet.
Reference: RIC 36; Sear 2466. Grade: aU/ChEF.


Contributor: Teresa Darling.

We will add other information about the coin, where appropriate.
Note: images are reduced to a 200 pixel width (and usually 100 pixel height) on the catalog pages. Users can click on a link and see the images in their full size.

Is there a limit to how big the image file can be?

Not really, but we do like to keep the image files small so they will load faster. Many of our best images are in the 35-60K range.

What is the best way to get images and descriptions to you?

The best way is to put your materials on a server and let us download them. The optimum configuration is one description and coin per page--similar to the format for selling single coins through on-line auctions. Another configuration that we can handle is a single page of descriptions with item numbers and then links (or just addresses) to the coin images with the same numbers. If you prefer to email individual coin images and descriptions, please let us know in advance that they are coming in.

Is there a limit to how many images I can contribute?

No! At some point we will run out of server space, but until that happens, we can accept all the good images that you are willing to let us use. If you have a large collection of coins and are digitizing the images, we invite you to let us include your collection on VCRC.


For more information about the VCRC, please contact the Project Director via e-mail ( or at the following address:

Robert W. Cape, Jr.
Associate Professor of Classics
Classical and Modern Languages, #61653
Austin College
900 N. Grand Avenue
Sherman, TX 75090-4400