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This page provides links to Web sites with information that may be useful to teachers of ancient history and Latin. There are only a few links here right now. I hope to add more soon. If you know of a good site devoted to teaching about ancient Greece and Roma, please send me the reference and I will be happy to include it on this page.

Important Education Web Sites for Classics and Ancient History
  • The VROMA Project, directed and coordinated by Suzanne Bonefas, Associated Colleges of the South.
    One of the most innovative teaching projects on the Internet--and it is about Rome!
  • The Perseus Project, directed by Gregory Crane, Tufts University.
    One of the premier electronic resources available in the field of Classics. It focuses on Greek civilization but includes much material about the Roman world.
    A Roman Perseus is being developed. We look forward to being able to use this resource.
    Interesting Items elsewhere on the Web:
  • The Van Alstyne Latin Club Homepage
    A fun site and nice example of what some of the best Latin clubs are doing on the Web. Put together by the dynamic Latin teacher Larry Martin.
  • Slide show of the 12 Caesars, by Calgary Coin & Antique Gallery.
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