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The primary purpose of the VCRC is to be a resource for teachers and students who want to learn more about the Romans, their coins, and their language--Latin. On this page you will find several projects that we have created to help you learn about Roman culture through coins.

Several of the projects can be done by anyone who visits the site. The quizzes test general knowledge about things Roman (res Romanae), and the others are set up with links to important background information necessary for the project. Be sure to read all the information. Other projects may require some teacher and in-class setup.

But enough introduction! We hope you enjoy these projects. If you think of others--or find others on the Web--please let us know at

INDEX OF PROJECTS: (what is not yet linked will be added in the fall of 1999)
Some Web Quizzes
  • Quiz on coin denominations of the Republic
    What do Roman Coins Say about Ancient History?
    Create and Color your own "Roman" Coin (elementary level project)
    Mystery Coin Projects (Note: These projects should print onto a single sheet of paper at 85% reduction)
  • Mystery coins #1
  • Mystery coins #2
  • Mystery coins #3: The Emperor Claudius for the Kinston High School Latin students
    Archaeology Coin Projects
    Roman Virtues for Women and Men (Latin students)
    Roman Goddesses and Gods
    Interesting Items elsewhere on the Web:
  • Slide show of the 12 Caesars, by Calgary Coin & Antique Gallery. [Note: at the end of the show it will send you to the Calgary Coin site. Use the "GO" menu to return to VCRC.]
  • The VCRC is operated by Robert W. Cape, Jr., Austin College.
    Please direct comments, questions, and suggestions to