This is the main catalog of the VCRC. From this page you may browse the VCRC for coins by decades for the Republic and by emperor/empress for the Empire. Find the emperor or empress on the left and click on the link. It should open the catalog page in the frame on the right. If you prefer to have the page open into its own window, hold down the button when you click on the name and select the appropriate option.
[NOTE: Some versions of Internet Explorer used on Windows machines may be unable to process some of the search requests; all versions of Netscape seem to work well.]

Catalog entries may include coins of persons related to the empress or emperor.

Please be advised that some emperors and (more often) empresses are not yet represented in the VCRC. Please check back from time to time to view the updated catalog.

For optimal viewing we suggest that you set your browser's font size to 12 points and the screen size to maximum.



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